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India represents an economic opportunity on a massive scale, both as a global base and as a domestic market. Indian Retail sector consists of small family-owned stores, located in residential areas, with a shop floor of less than 500 square feet. At present the organized sector accounts for only 2 to 4% of the total market although this is expected to rise by 20 to 25% on YOY basis.

Retail growth in the coming five years is expected to be stronger than GDP growth, driven by changing lifestyles and by strong income growth, which in turn will be supported by favorable demographic patterns and the extent to which organized retailers succeed in reaching lower down the income scale to reach potential consumers towards the bottom of the consumer pyramid. Growing consumer credit will also help in boosting consumer demand

The structure of retailing will also develop rapidly. Shopping malls are becoming increasingly common in large cities, and announced development plans project at least 150 new shopping malls by 2008. The number of department stores is growing much faster than overall retail, at an annual 24%. Supermarkets have been taking an increasing share of general food and grocery trade over the last two decades.

However, Distribution continues to improve, but it still remains a major inefficiency. Poor quality of infrastructure, coupled with poor quality of the distribution sector, results in logistics costs that are very high as a proportion of GDP, and inventories, which have to be maintained at an unusually high level. Distribution and marketing is a huge cost in Indian consumer markets. It's a lot easier to cut manufacturing costs than it is to cut distribution and marketing costs.

So keeping in tune with the world Sahara India Pariwar launched its retail sales on 10 June 2003 at Gurgaon in the form of Sahara Unique Retail Outlet. The Retail Sales motive was to provide our esteem customers the concept of “Touch” & “Feel”.

Till date, we have opened 38 Sahara Unique retail outlets in various major cities preferably where our regional offices are located. All the 38 Sahara Unique Retail outlets are located in the prime location of the town.

We follow Standard Merchandising Procedure and Norms for bringing quality products to the consumers.

  • We have a strong Supply Chain Management system through our Central Warehouse, State Warehouses and Zonal Warehouses.
  • We have Strong & System oriented logistics with a fleet of own transport vehicle.
  • Regional Specialties have been added in our product range under Sahara Select Category.
  • We are trying our best to add more & more varieties with the help of our ever active & vigilant Product, Planning & Management Team (PPMT) and procure at best prices from renowned suppliers through negotiations done by our Purchase/Materials Team competently Some new branded items have been added in our product range viz. Listed below are few of our more introductions:
  • Color Television
  • DVD Players
  • Juicer Mixer Grinder
  • And other Home Appliances will be introduced shortly.

We've a strong centralized data base management system for Sales, Inventory & Financial Control of our entire business locations through our in-house developed software, controlled with the help of our expert Systems & I.T. team, Accounts & Inputs team and a supportive M.I.S. team which provides us complete analysis/data of where we stand based on Sales / Inventory / Profitability ratios/ financial implications etc.

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