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Trade Sales Department (FMCG channel) is engaged in selling Detco washing powder, Classic White Soap, Mosquito Coil, under the umbrella brand name SAHARA CARE in the states of UP & Uttranchal for about a year. Products are being sold through dealer network on advance payment term only. We have over 100 Distributors & 10000 Retailers under our fold.
We have a team of sales representatives based at different locations to look after the sales and assists distributors for the growth of our business. The department plans to spread its wings in other neighboring states after successful completion of task in UP & Uttranchal.

Future Prospects of our FMCG Channel: Making new Distributors, Dealers, Retailers, C & F agents for Sahara Care products. We had hoisted wall paintings & dealer board at different parts of Uttar pradesh & Uttranchal





Detco washing powder

Available in 400 Gms. & 800 Gms.


Detco Detergent Cake

Available in180+20 Gms.


Umang Sandal Soap

Available in 75 Gms with offer Buy 3 get 1 free


Classic White Soap

Available in 100 Gms.


Mosquito Repellent Coils

Available in 8 Hours (Green Pack) & 10 Hours (Red Pack)

“We chase Quality & Quantity Chases us”. In this commitment to excellence, is the basis of Sahara’s continuous growth, that’s made us a major presence on the corporate scene. Sahara India - Products Division brings a wide range of consumer products for every segment of society – not only in metros but also in semi – urban & rural areas where a long – standing need is felt for such items. We give a lot of emphasis on the quality of the products. Under mentioned are the extract of doing the Quality assurance check at our laboratories which are located in Sahibabad & Lucknow with latest quality checking instruments & well qualified team of Quality controllers.

Quality Assurance:

  • Zero defect quality regime
  • On line physical & chemical analysis
  • Multipoint & multilayer quality testing processes
  • Extensive R & D facilities
  • Total Quality management (TQM) initiative to ensure Quality processes
  • State of art Sahara Central labs using amongst other sophisticated testing equipments:
    • IR Spectrophotometer
    • Microbiology Tests for bacteria
    • Lovibond Tintometer for color testing
    • Gas Liquid Chromatography

Trade Sales is one of the important revenue channels of Sahara India – Products Division. In this channel SIPD is promoting FMCG products mainly Sahara Care brand. FMCG products are (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) also known as Consumer Packaged Good (CPG) are those products which have quick turnover & relatively low cost. In our department i.e. “Trade Sales” we only deal with FMCG products. These products are liked by every type of house hold and are being purchased frequently.

Presently we are dealing with following under mentioned products:

Sahara Detco washing powder is High quality white powder with colorful   granules detergent powder that remains soft on your clothes hands &   pockets as well. Imparts pleasing after wash fragrance in the clothes &   is   devoid of any hard chemicals. Extra rich formula maintains   brightness  and colors of the clothes. It gives bubbling foam even in   hard   water & does not contain any agents. The washing powder is   available in 400 Gms & 800 Gms & the prices are Rs. 10/- & 20/-   respectively.

We have introduced Sahara Care Detco Detergent Cake only in the month of May’2007. We are making efforts to establish these products in the market through our network. This particular cake is very effective in removing dirt from the clothes of any type. Sahara Detco Detergent Cake has the formulation that suits both your clothes and the budget. Minimum strokes give maximum foam, hence ensuring low consumption of the cake. It maintains color and brightness of the clothes, wash after wash. This particular cake is available in 180+20 Gms & the price is Rs.5/- per cake.

Our Sahara Care Umang Bathing Sandal Soap is a quality product from   Sahara India – Products Division & best amongst all soaps available in   the current market of the same group. Sandal aroma remains up to the   last portion of the soap. This soap is in demand from most of the     market.  (Presently most of the soaps are sold in combo packs which   are the market trend & to compete with the market trend we are also   offering our soaps in combo pack. Soap segment is over crowded still we are able to sell Umang Sandal Soap because of its quality & price.) Sahara Umang Sandal Soap is with soft cleansers and sophisticated refreshing fragrance. In this soap the richness of sandal is combined with a soothing fragrance. The soap moisturizes the skin & keeps the skin glowing. The weight of the soap is 75 Gms. The product is available with a flashy scheme of Buy 3 get 1 absolutely free at a very economical price i.e. at Rs.27/- only.

Sahara Classic White Soap is rich in essential oils that gently cleanse  and simultaneously moisturize the skin, not leaving the skin dry. The  fragrance is very catchy. This soap is available in 100 Gms pack and at a  very economical price i.e. at Rs. 14/- per cake only.


Sahara Care Mosquito Repellent coils come in two varieties i.e.

  • Red pack Coil which lasts for about 10 hours which has 12   pieces of coils at a very economical price Rs. 20/- only
  • Green pack Coil lasts for about 08 hours which has 10 pieces   of   coils at a very economical price Rs. 17/- only

Keep flying insects at bay with these simple and effective repellent coils, simply place the coil on one of the two stands provided and start the coil smoldering and insects will be repelled for up to eight hours. 10 coils included.
Soon we are launching a new Bathing bar which will be called as Sahara Care Pink Umang Bathing bar

The Trade Sales department sell the above mentioned products in the market through chain of Distributors. These distributors are appointed directly by the Trade Sales Department after fulfilling certain credentials. Afterwards these distributors are responsible to supply these FMCG products to the Retailers. Trade Sale supply the stock of above mentioned products against Demand Draft & we do not allow any credit to any distributor.

Retailers are located at every nook & corner & they are very careful as retailers sell our products to the ultimate consumers. Then retailers provide valuable feedback. Their information helps us to improve the quality of the products & strategy.

In order to sell our products in the market we have our own representatives located in different head quarters. Presently we have 15 representatives. These representatives sell our products to Retailers. Retailers sell our products to the consumers. In order to impress our sale we under take lots of sales promotional activities. We do following under mentioned activities to impress our Retailers to Consumers:

• Posters
• Stickers
• Free goods
• Quarterly Coupons
• Display
• Rural Coupons
• Dealers -----
• Free Samples

Besides, we run advertisements on leading newspapers i.e. in Sahara Samay, Dainik Jagran on a regular basis.

Right now the Trade Sales of FMCG products are available in Uttar Pradesh & Utrakhand. Soon our Department will spread its wings to other states as we are getting very good response from the FMCG market & we look forward to expand our operation throughout the country. Under mentioned are the details of the appointed Distributors in the state of Uttar Pradesh & Utranchal region wise:


Number of Distributors appointed

43 47 63 20 173
Number of Active Distributors

33 26 32 20 111
Number of current outlets

3000 3500 4000 1000 11500


On - line distributor application form for UP, Bihar, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh with the following under mentioned ingredients:

Something about FMCG Sector
The Indian FMCG sector with a market size of US$13.1 billion is the fourth largest sector in the economy. A well-established distribution network, intense competition between the organized and unorganized segments characterizes the sector. FMCG Sector is expected to grow by over 60% by 2010. That will translate into an annual growth of 10% over a 5-year period. It has been estimated that FMCG sector will rise from around Rs 56,500 crores in 2005 to Rs 92,100 crores in 2010. Hair care, household care, male grooming, female hygiene, and the chocolates and confectionery categories are estimated to be the fastest growing segments,

With the presence of 12.2% of the world population in the villages of India, the Indian rural FMCG market is something no one can overlook. Increased focus on farm sector will boost rural incomes, hence providing better growth prospects to the FMCG companies. Better infrastructure facilities will improve their supply chain. FMCG sector is also likely to benefit from growing demand in the market. Because of the low per capita consumption for almost all the products in the country, FMCG companies have immense possibilities for growth. And if the companies are able to change the mindset of the consumers, i.e. if they are able to take the consumers to branded products and offer new generation products, they would be able to generate higher growth in the near future. It is expected that the rural income will rise in 2007, boosting purchasing power in the countryside. However, the demand in urban areas would be the key growth driver over the long term. Also, increase in the urban population, along with increase in income levels and the availability of new categories, would help the urban areas maintain their position in terms of consumption. At present, urban India accounts for 66% of total FMCG consumption, with rural India accounting for the remaining 34%. However, rural India accounts for more than 40% consumption in major FMCG categories such as personal care, fabric care, and hot beverages. In urban areas, home and personal care category, including skin care, household care and feminine hygiene, will keep growing at relatively attractive rates. Within the foods segment, it is estimated that processed foods, bakery, and dairy are long-term growth categories in both rural and urban areas.

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